Body - Emotions - Thoughts - Good relationships

Many Paths to Wellbeing

We are made up of different dimensions: Our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our social relationships. All dimensions are possible paths to wellbeing. Here we show you methods and information for your mental strength and emotional balance in everyday life.

Energy Account

We charge our cell phones regularly, because nothing works when the battery is empty. But what about ourselves?

What does the display of our energy account show?

Is it in the green or regularly in the red? If we make sure that our energy account is predominantly in the green area, we can also master crisis and stress situations more easily. What would you like to use to recharge your individual energy account? Sports, going for a walk, meditation, nap, social contacts with people you feel very comfortable with, 3 highlights of the day, 3 things you are grateful for, mental training, experiencing flow….

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