We think constantly and also gladly in pictures. If the images are positive, we feel good. If they are negative or filled with fear, we feel bad. Often our inner images are rather negative. With the method “visualisation” we can change this, both for individual topics or areas of life and for the (work) life as a whole.

Visualization can be done with various methods: vision boards, writing, mind maps or meditations.

Guided Visualisation – “My ideal exam”

1. Imagine your life or aspects of it when it is really great and you feel good all around.

2. Start with 10 sentences that express individual aspects of your life. If you find it easier at first, write down the 10 sentences. Later, you can move on to imagining and feeling, because this will give you the best effect.

3. Imagine that you are now simply jumping into the future. You meet a person there who is very similar to you, but lives the life you want.

4. Pay attention to your formulations: instead of “I am no longer poor” use the expression “I am rich or I live in abundance”.

5. Formulate your vision in the present, as if they were already a reality right now.

6. Don't just say the sentences to yourself, but live them through in your mind as intensively as possible, as if you were living this future in the here and now.

7. Experience one of the sentences every evening and start again after ten days.

8. You will achieve the greatest effect if you perform the visualisation exercise shortly before falling asleep or shortly after waking up, because you are then in the so-called alpha state. In the alpha state we are relaxed and focused at the same time, so to speak in a heightened state of perception and in flow. Ideal for making intentions, creating and visualising.

9. Your visualisation leads fastest to success when you succeed in the balancing act: I have a vision, I also trust that the best will come out of it for me and I let myself be surprised what exactly it will be.

10. You will be positively surprised that even more ingenious things will result in this way than you could ever dream of.

This exercise is intended to direct your focus to the positive and offers you a way to create a mental list that you can fall back on in difficult, stressful or overwhelming situations. In this way, you can collect positive feelings and sensations as a preventive measure, so that you will be better able to cope with more difficult situations in the future.

The purpose of the exercise is to collect sensations that you particularly like, that make you happy. Close your eyes and think about:

1. What do I like to smell that makes me happy? Imagine the smell as if it were right under your nose. Feel the smell spreading through your nose and emotions.

2. What do I like to feel that makes me happy? Imagine feeling something with your hands that puts you in a good mood.

3. What do i like to hear that makes me happy? Experience the sound, the song, the tone only mentally and feel what it does to you.

4. What do i like to taste that makes me happy? Imagine your taste buds in your mouth experiencing the most delicious, delicate thing you have ever tasted. Focus entirely on this sensory perception.

5. What do I like to see that makes me happy? Picture it in your mind's eye without opening your eyes.