What i love?

carries me – even through difficult times.

The strongest feeling we can have is love. It brings the greatest positive energies, so that is less room for negativity.

The goal is similar to the 3 things you are thankful for, to be aware of who or what you love and think about it as often as possible.

The thought of someone or something you love immediately brings a smile to your face, creates pleasant feelings and opens your heart. The signals that are sent to our brain are the same for mental images as for real experiences.

Our brain does not distinguish whether we are experiencing something for real or just imagining it. The prefrontal cortex of our brain is an ingenious experience simulator with which we can mentally experience anything we want. The more positive and pleasant things we regularly imagine, the more general wellbeing and inner peace we experience. This is the basis for being able to better master any challenges of everyday life.