Impulses for Mental Strenghts and Emotional Balance

For more wellbeing and emotional balance! All people have the potential to be mentally strong and emotionally in balance – that is our vision. This requires methods that are taught in schools and universities as a new cultural technique. We would like to inspire you to (further) develop your skills for mental strength and emotional balance.

Dr. Martin Lommel,
Chancellor of the TU Darmstadt

“Being healthy, getting healthy, staying healthy - this is important for each of us personally and also for TUDA as an employer. Mental strength and a positive view make a key contribution to this. That's why ways and tools with which we can further develop these skills are important to me!”

What does mental and emotional wellbeing mean in the academic context?

Many people at TU wish for lived cooperation, transparent teamwork, and to be seen as whole human beings. At the same time, they persist in thinking that the university system is a place of competition and rivalry for the best minds, insights, research, teaching or work performance.

I can shine and cooperate with my uniqueness in the academic context. The result would be even more development, growth, success and sustainable wellbeing and health. Much more potential development, better results and that with ease and joy.

What if this is true?

We can't abandon our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and imprints at the (home) office door, fortunately we always have them with us.

They have a tremendous impact on our everyday study and work.

Let yourself be inspired to have more joy, power, ease, serenity and satisfaction in everyday life again.

So that you can fully agree with the sentence: “I can't imagine anything that can destroy my inner peace and sense of wellbeing.”

The TU is already active

There are many great projects, initiatives and people who are committed to wellbeing and health at TU Darmstadt. Please take a look at the pages of our cooperation partners and find out what kind of support and opportunities for participation are already available.

Research Focus on the Art of Living at the Institute of Psychology

The research focus of the Positive Psychology Group is currently the study of the construct “art of living”. In the psychological framework, art of living, is defined as a conscious, reflective way of living with the goal of achieving happiness and satisfaction for oneself.

Among other things, trainings are developed to improve the art of living competence and art of living in everyday life. With a questionnaire, a personal art of living profile can be determined.

Are you an artist of life? Click here for the art of living questionnaire