We want everyone at TU Darmstadt to love their jobs in all teaching and learning situations. Here you will find inspiration to teach with ease and joy. Use your full potential by strengthening and maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Toolbox for Students and Teaching Staff

You want to develop your mental strength & emotional balance yourself?

Here you will find proven and effective methods for mental strength and emotional balance.

We offer advice and short workshops on field-tested and scientifically based techniques that your students, your teachers or your team can use to promote or maintain their mental strength and emotional balance themselves, by means of possible workshops and under guidance:

  • we advise the members of your faculty which methods from the toolbox are the most suitable in each case.
  • we enable you to directly experience the effect of individual methods, such as the mental resonance method, which can be used to release emotional blockages such as exam anxiety, etc.
  • we advise you which workshops can be particularly effective.

On request we offer short workshops for individual institutes or groups on the topics: Mentally strong through the day, Mentally strong for graduation, Mentally strong in teaching, Mental resonance – a practical method to promote your mental strength, and many more.

Workshop topics can be customized depending on the target audience and desired focus.

If you are interested, please write to:


Perhaps you have participated in an offer on mental strength, emotional balance, health or wellbeing at TU Darmstadt or offer something on these topics yourself for students, teaching staff or colleagues and want

more inspiration, more tools, more exchange or more networking within TU Darmstadt – we think that's great!

You can get all that and much more here.

For a feel-good start to the week, we always send out an inspiration on Mondays (in the “Inspirations” forum). This can be a meditation, relaxation or breathing exercise, saying, mantra, song, impulse, new offer at TU or similar.

We invite you to become part of our community.

Write to and we will be happy to include you in the community!