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…to maintain and promote my wellbeing and health! For this purpose, we have collected practice-tested, evidence-based and effective methods for mental strength and emotional balance in everyday life, in difficult situations and around your studies.

Wellbeing – FAQs

We all sometimes feel like we are not smart enough or fear that others will find out that we are not as smart as they think. Here we have collected the latest research and insights from psychology on growth mindset and talent research that can help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Whether in difficult periods in life, or to make everyday life easier and more beautiful – here are selected methods that can be quickly and effortlessly integrated into everyday life – to go through life with a smile.

With breathing techniques fit and calm through the day!

Are you afraid of exams seminars or important conversations with your professor or lecturer? There are strategies that help us to escape from acute anxiety situations.

Irritability, bad moods and an overcritical attitude can quickly lead to conflict situations or be counterproductive during a conflict. Here we explain how to overcome negative thinking with a simple everyday exercise and thus face fellow human beings with more kindness and avoid or confidently resolve conflict situations in the future.

We all sometimes worry about the next lecture or the next exam, have test anxiety, feel listless when learning or can't find motivation. The following methods are just right for that.

Whether test anxiety, social anxiety, fear of failure, or other negative thoughts, these methods help overcome negative thoughts and fears and turn them into positives.

We've all had concentration problems or constantly distract ourselves from learning. In order to set priorities, change unwanted habits (such as distraction by smartphone) and fulfill desires, these methods help to work purposefully, effectively and focused and to achieve our goals.

“To know oneself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle