Wish – Outcome – Obstacle – Plan

Woop is a science-based mental strategy based on 20 years of scientific research. With Woop we can find and fulfill our desires, set preferences and change our habits. Woop stands for Wish – Outcome – Obstacle – Plan.

It only takes 5 minutes to try out the method.

First, think about the area of life you would like to express a wish in: Family, friends, university life/career or health. Next, think about the timeframe in which you would like to fulfill your wish e.g. 24 hours, 1 month or a year.

- W: Now think about this time span and mentally formulate your most important wish in the chosen area of life.Phrase your wish as being challenging, but achievable in the chosen timeframe. You can also write your wish on a piece of paper or note.

- O: Now imagine what would be the most beautiful thing, the very best thing, about having your wish come true. How would that feel? Feel free to write this result on your note as well. Now take a moment, close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful outcome of your wish and vividly picture it in your mind.

- O: Sometimes things don't work out the way we would like them to. Therefore, now think about what is inside you that is keeping you from fulfilling your wish? What is your most important, inner obstacle that is standing in your way? Take a moment again and vividly imagine your inner obstacle in your mind. Close your eyes again to do so.

P: The next step is to make a plan: Make an if-then plan. What could you do to overcome your inner obstacle? Think of a concrete action you could do or a thought you could say to yourself to overcome your obstacle. Take your note and write down the following sentence: If xy, then I will do yz. Repeat this sentence slowly over and over again in your head: If …, then ….. Feel free to close your eyes again to do so.

Great, congratulations! You have just created your first WOOP and can now use this method in all areas of your life to help you fulfill your desires, change habits or set preferences.