Growth mindset

How to grow from failures

Growth mindset describes a mindset designed for personal growth and the mentality that if you try hard enough, you can achieve any challenges and goals. It reflects a dynamic self-image in which mistakes and failures are interpreted as hints from which to learn in order to do better next time. Challenges are approached with the goal of success; not with the hindsight of potential failure.

This is contrasted with the Fixed mindset. Here, the view prevails that one can only progress with enough talent. Skills and knowledge are innate and one's own failure can only be justified by a lack of talent. People with such a static self-image usually try to avoid mistakes.

According to world-leading talent researcher and psychologist Anders Erisson, there is still no proof that special abilities, such as an aptitude or talent, are innate.

The recipe: practice, practice, practice.

Not even physical performance could be demonstrably identified as innate. For example, one in eight people has the genetic potential to become a world champion, and none of the 46 exceptional athletes selected in a study had the optimal genetic material for their sport.

So if you really want something, believe in yourself, develop a growth mindset, set goals and pursue them, it is possible for anyone to develop a “talent”.