Observe yourself

…to be more self-aware.

“To know oneself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle already said that.

To do so, we need to observe ourselves:

  • our thoughts and inner dialogues we have with ourselves
  • the feelings that are triggered by our thoughts – how do we feel?
  • the actions we perform.

Are our thoughts, feelings and behaviors conducive to our wellbeing – wonderful! If they are rather not, we can work on all three levels: Mind, emotions and spirit with different methods to unfold our potentials, to grow.

  • Reflect in writing: "What did I think, feel and do today? if applicable, what would I like to think, feel and do instead?
  • Resonating with yourself: using the mental resonance method to get to the bottom of your feelings.
  • Meditations: just being and observing what your subconscious shows you