3 highlights of the day

What are my top 3 moments of the day?

Make it a habit to visualize your 3 highlights, the best moments of the day, every day. Preferably in writing. This will help you remember them even better. Highlights have a positive connotation, therefore also generate positive feelings and support us in maintaining and promoting our resilience. The more regularly and permanently you reflect on your best moments of the day, the faster you will experience the positive impact on your wellbeing, ease and mental health.

Not a diary or note-taking fan?

Make a game of it and share highlights of the day with your partner or family over dinner or before you go to sleep.

Especially important with the highlight method is to ask yourself 2 things:

1. why was this one of the best moments of the day?

2. how did it make me feel?

In this way you switch from the pure mind level (thinking) also to the feeling level and connect these levels which in turn has positive effects on your body. The levels body, spirit or mind and emotions are connected holistically in this way. This is crucial for lasting wellbeing and health….