for a clear focused mind

Meditation is a proven method of increasing mental clarity and concentration, as well as inducing positive states of relaxation and wellbeing.

What forms of meditation exist?

Countless! From free to guided, physically passive (simply sitting) and active (e.g. walking meditation), or with visualization, with mantras, with breath, with mindfulness – or without anything.

Our best recommendations for you:

  • Meditations based on observation of the breath.
  • Metta meditation, which promotes compassion and peace
  • One-moment meditation

Metta meditation

It is the basis of all Buddhist meditations, whose positive effects have been scientifically confirmed, including by Prof. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson.

With this meditation we can develop more kindness of heart within ourselves, positive emotions and genuine goodwill towards ourselves and all other living beings.

Relax in an upright sitting posture, as comfortable as possible.

1. First imagine yourself and develop compassion, peace, love and kindness for yourself in your heart. And inwardly speak the following four phrases:

May I be safe and secure.

May I be healthy and go through life with ease.

May I be happy and content.

May my life unfold and flourish.

Feel how that feels and enjoy the beautiful feeling of peace and compassion within you. Enjoy the present moment.

2. Now think of a person you love dearly. Someone who is close and important to you. Also look at this person very lovingly and speak to them the following 4 phrases:

May you be safe and secure.

May you be healthy and go through life with ease.

May you be happy and content.

May your life unfold and flourish.

The image of the person you love is slowly fading. Focus on your breath and take a few deep, long breaths. Take a deep inhale and a long exhale.

3. And now think of a person with whom the connection is a little more difficult.

Look at them, notice them, completely without judging them, no matter what has happened between you. Also say to this person the four phrases:

May you be safe and secure.

May you be healthy and go through life with ease.

May you be happy and content.

May your life unfold and blossom.

This image also fades very gradually and you turn your attention back to your breath. Take a few deep, long breaths again. Inhale deeply and exhale for a long time.

Now imagine a golden light surrounding you expanding. It's getting bigger and bigger and wider. It's getting bigger in the place where you are right now. It continues to expand, through the whole city, the whole country, the whole continent, until it envelops the whole world. The earth becomes bathed in the golden light that comes from your heart.

With your thoughts, enfold the whole world. Now speak the following four sentences for all living beings on this earth, great and small, near and far.

May you be safe and secure.

May you be healthy and go through life with ease.

May you be happy and content.

May your lives unfold and flourish.

And enjoy a few more long breaths and the wonderful feeling of compassion, peace and love. Notice everything, yourself and feel your heart and the deep peace and love within you.

You can find an example of a guided metta meditation here. The special thing about this metta meditation is the detailed introduction to relaxation as preparation for the actual metta meditation.

The One Moment Meditation

Is therefore one of our favorites because it is so easy to incorporate into everyday life. It lasts 1 minute and can therefore be integrated very well and frequently into the daily routine. Try it yourself and reduce the meditation duration, e.g. after a week successively to 45 sec, then 30 sec, 15 sec. You will see that with time you will get into the optimal relaxed and focused state for you within a few seconds. This way you can have as many mini meditation moments per day as you like. See for yourself in this video.

Meditation of the University Sports Center with Johannes and Martina

The University Sports Center already offers two guided meditations as a video.

Both meditations last only 15 minutes and are therefore perfect for a short study or lunch break and for everyday life.