Body tapping

Give yourself a few “good vibrations” with the help of the body tapping technique.

The body tapping technique is a unique method for promoting well-being and developing our energy. It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and combines gentle tapping on specific body points with mental focusing.

Stand upright and breathe in and out calmly and evenly. Take your time.

Begin to gently tap along your left arm with your right hand, starting from the shoulder to the inner upper arm. Make sure the pressure is comfortable. Vary the pressure according to your own sensitivity. Tap the entire inside of the arm down to the fingertips and then return up the outside to the shoulder. Consider whether you feel a difference between your left and right arm. Repeat this process for your right arm and compare again.

In the next step, tap your right flank, the front of your right leg up to the back of your foot and toes, and from your heel up to your buttocks again. Be sure to notice any differences between the left and right sides. Continue the exercise by tapping the left flank and the left leg.

Then place both hands on your buttocks and tap upwards along the spine on both sides as far as possible. Place both hands between the shoulder blades and tap upwards along both sides of the cervical spine. Tap the back of the neck, the back of the head, the crown of the head and gently also the forehead and face, then down over the neck, chest and stomach.

After the exercise, take a moment to reflect: How do you feel now? How do you perceive your body?