Services for departments an fields of studies

Services for departments

The HDA offers you the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with others, we provide training to complement your courses and support for interdisciplinary and international study projects.

Through the guidance of the HDA staff, we offer you the platform to exchange concepts and experience with fellow student tutors and mentors on various tutorial topics in an effort to promote your teaching concepts.

The HDA offers various qualification programs for tutors which can be individually catered to their particular field of study. Some of the different forms of tutoring modules which are offered include: tutoring and mentoring strategies relevant to your tutoring discipline, OWO tutoring and E-tutoring.

We develop training programs for a wide range of courses catered to the student’s needs and place students with an appropriate HDA trainer. These programs successfully qualify students in the areas of presenting and team and project work. In this way a project seminar can be enhanced with course content such as project management, project planning and effective team work. The quality of the courses which include presentations or poster presentations is improved by preparation presentation training.

By initiating and implementing interdisciplinary and international study projects, the HDA team offers support during the initialization and conception phase as well as preparation, monitoring and execution of various project formats.

The HDA supports faculties and departments in the implementation of bachelor and master student mentoring programs and offers qualification for student mentoring.

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