Recognition (Acceptance)

Recognising achievements completed externally

The HDA supports the declaration of networks of higher education to recognise and accept achievements in the field of higher education training. The objective is to simplify the recognition of achievements obtained in other networks and services for higher education training at other universities. To this end, the declaration specifies standards of content and form. This way, the mobility of participants and the usability of the training programmes can be increased.

Recognition of extensive experience as a lecturer

Lecturers / Academic staff who work in the field of pedagogics and psychology and who have years of experience in teaching are now able to prove their teaching competence by way of a teaching portfolio. When interested in this version, please contact us and make an appointment for consultation.

What kind of training achievements will be recognised?

Achievements that have been obtained within the last 6 years can be recognised for the Higher Education Teaching Certificate of TU Darmstadt. Maximum 50 % of the achievements required for this certificate can be obtained externally (i.e. usually at another institution for higher education). The HDA (Centre for Educational Development and Technology) will recognise these achievements at their discretion.

The following can be recognised

  • All genuine topics of higher education, such as “Teaching and learning” – “Testing and assessing” – “Advising and supporting” – “Evaluating”
  • Other training achievements that are clearly relevant to your educational development and/or to higher education teaching.

The following cannot be recognised

  • Any achievements obtained within an undergraduate degree programme (including programmes to become a school teacher).

By exception, specific other achievements can be recognised to a limited degree. Please contact the HDA office for more information.

Using the course programme for higher education at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Lecturers at TU Darmstadt can also sign up for workshops offered by the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Workshops attended there will be recognised for the Higher Education Teaching Certificate of TU Darmstadt.