Instructional Design of Research Based Education

Instructional design of Research-based Education

Research-based education (RBE) is a deliberately aligned cluster of student-centered activities that are based on the principle idea that the research cycle and research related activities are beneficial to the development of students’ understanding, skills and attitudes within a discipline. Research problems and student research activities are and should be a guiding principle for student learning in any course at a research-intensive university. RBE is founded on socio-constructivist conceptions of teaching and learning. Therefore the core mechanisms behind RBE are that learning is constructive, situational, relational, and self-regulated by the students.
In this workshop I will first describe the main ideas behind RBE, and will draw relationships with recent studies on students’ perspectives as well as academics’ perspectives of research based education. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to (re)design some of your lectures, based on a framework of effective and practical instructional design. We will discuss the redesigned lectures in order to gain new inspirations from our colleagues to advance our education.

Learning outcomes: The participants will
  • Deepen knowledge of instructional design,
  • Advance your teaching philosophy,
  • Develop abilities in designing effective learning,
  • Learning to create and to adapt your lecture plans.
  • Specific advice in preparing your lectures
  • Leading productive discussions about your vision on learning
  • Opportunities to practice designing lectures
Prof. Dr Roeland van der Rijst is a physicist, philosopher, education theorist, teacher educator and above all science teacher. He currently is an associate professor at the Graduate School of Teaching Leiden University (ICLON) in The Netherlands. He wrote various academic articles, book chapters and professional publication about his academic work in the field of Higher Education Research. A substantial amount of these publications are related to ‘Research Based Education’. He recently received an honory fellowship of the Leiden Teacher Academy for his advancement in the scholarship of teaching. Currently he is a board member of the Netherlands Educational Research Association and editor of three international scientific journals
Target group:
all staff who teach at university
Trainer: Prof. Dr Roeland van der Rijst; Leiden University, The Netherlands
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Room: S1 03 152c (Hochschulstr. 1)
Recognition: Modul 2, 1 day


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