Modalities of participation


  • Workshop registrations are possible online only.
  • Eligible for participation are lecturers and part-time lecturers.
  • Registration closes 14 days before start of respective workshop.
  • Your registration is binding.
  • You will receive detailed information by email regarding starting and ending time, location and material to prepare in advance in due time before the actual training starts.
  • All our workshops are available individually and independent of the Higher Education Teaching Certificate, of course.

Participation and Certification

  • The module of the certificate covered by a specific workshop is indicated explicitly.
  • It is necessary to attend all indicated days of a multiple-day workshop to complete this workshop successfully.
  • Workshops tend to have an upper and a lower limit for participants:
  • Lower limit: 8 participants; upper limit: 14 participants.
  • Should the lower limit not be reached, the respective workshop does not take place.
  • Should the upper limit be exceeded, a waiting list will be generated in case someone deregisters within the prescribed period.
  • Anyone registering will be considered according to their respective registration date and time. Registrations from TU Darmstadt have precedence over registrations from outside.

We will advise you as soon as possible should the workshop not take place due to illness or low number of registrations.


Workshop attendance is free of charge for TU Darmstadt and Goethe-University Frankfurt participants.

The educational development programmes of HDA are open for non-TU Darmstadt participants as well. External participants will be charged 75 € per day.

Deregistration and workshop cancellation

  • Should you need to withdraw your registration due to important reasons, please let us know in writing (via email) so someone on the waiting list may take your place. Please take into account that a withdrawal results in additional work and costs.
  • In case the lower limit for workshop participation cannot be reached, we will cancel the workshop 7 days ahead of time at the latest.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any workshop for justifiable reasons (such as illness of trainer) on short notice.