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Tutor qualification

The HDA offers a free course for tutor qualification, which is available for all students at TU Darm-stadt. The course consists of three sections.

For tutors before first activity

The (online) basic qualification will prepare you for your first activity as a tutor. The focus of this section is mainly on the role of the tutor as well as how the tutors interact with the students and not on typical course-like content. There are a variety of qualifications to choose from depending on your interests:

Offers for experienced tutors

Have you already worked as a tutor and are looking to further educate yourself? We would be happy to support you in your development with a tutor meeting and observation.

At the digital tutor group meeting you can share and exchange tips / experiences with other tutors as well as receive advice / support for dealing with challenges and difficult situations.

The observation will take place during one of the tutors' online workshops / classes, where one tutor can view the other tutor. Feedback about their teaching style will then be provided to the tutor at a later date. This will provide the tutor with new perspectives and potential solutions that they can add to their response repertoire.

Current practical modules deepen specific topics for all tutors

The practical modules will further deepen specific topics. The topics that are dealt with will be relevant for you and your development as a tutor and may include teaching techniques and handling of online meetings.

Training for key skills is offered to all TU Darmstadt students and will be handled by experienced student trainers. Topics that will be covered in the training include but are not limited to moderation, professional flip chart layout, conflict management as well as a strengthening of presentation skills.

For lectures that are responsible for tutoring at TU Darmstadt, we have a variety of offers for tutor qualification. The qualification can be tailored to meet the needs of the department or the course. Please get in contact with us, we are happy to provide a relevant offer. For further information, please follow this link.