Impulses for a more equitable togetherness

In close cooperation with the Presidential Board and Equality office, the HDA is also working on the topic of diversity, with a specific focus on higher education didactics. On this page you will find exciting suggestions, new information, facts worth knowing and many helpful tips on the topic of diversity in studying and teaching.

Draufsicht von Studentin, die an Laptop sitzt und Kopfhörer trägt
Picture: Katrin Binner

A critical look at ourselves

We all have certain images and attributions in our heads. This is quite normal, but it becomes problematic when these lead to injustice in our interactions. Only with intesive and self-critical reflection can we come closer to our own stereotypes and prejudices towards other people. And only in this way can we gradually dismantle them. Helpful tips and tricks for self-reflection can be found below.

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Impulses for diversity in teaching and learning

When talking about diversity in the university context, in addition to the dimensions defined in the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), age, gender, ethnic origin, religion/belief, disability/chronic illness and sexual identity are also particularly relevant: Social origin, type of university entrance qualification, educational biography, previous education relevant to studies, learning strategies, individual learning behavior, life circumstances (e.g. study financing, family obligations) are relevant.

All of these dimesions have a conscious or unconscious influence on the interaction in everyday study and work.

As an institution, the university has a social educational mission. As places of dialogue and intellectual debate, the university is therefore not only concerned with the topic of diversity because of its members, but also in the generation and transfer of knowledge.

Universities are also sources of impetus for innovation in science and society. Especially this claim benefits from different perspectives, interdisciplinarity and diversity.

As a university didactics office, we are primarily concerned with the topic of diversity of the target group of lecturers and students and the educational equity associated with studying and acquiring qualifications, which is the responsibility of all members of the university.

We ask ourselves how we can enable the best possible educational opportunities for all? How innovative and inclusive methods can be implemented in teaching? Or how we can inspire different target groups for scientific topics?

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