Diversity is part of everyday life at the university, whether in dealing with our colleagues, students or guests. We want to offer all people the best possible atmosphere at TU Darmstadt.

Heribert Warzecha,
Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity

It is one of the principles of our university that the individuality as well as the potential of diverse experiences of our members are appreciated and respected. In order to further expand equal opportunities and to be able to guarantee protection against discrimination, the university must take a critical look at itself in order to make the best possible study and working conditions possible for all TU members

Das Bild zeigt eine wehende Regenbogenflagge vor dem TU Gebäude Karo 5. Die Fahne spiegelt sich in den Fenstern, darüber ist der blaue Himmel.
Picture: Patrick Bal

Services & Support

HDA's continuing education program is also open to external faculty and employees of unite! universities. In addition to a wide range of continuing education courses in higher education didactics, you will also find exciting courses on the topic of diversity.

You can find an overview of all HDA qualification offers for guests on this central overview page.

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