Diversity is a topic that also affects students, whether you are a tutor running your own courses, organizing an OWO as a member of the student council, or you would like to further your individual qualifications beyond your major field of study, we will be happy to support you in questions related to the topic of diversity.

Services and Support

  • The HDA offers a variety of qualifications for students, for example as a team tutor or in the area of key competencies.
  • You are also welcome to request us for a topic-specific workshop in your tutoring group or mentoring group. Together we can agree on topics, for example:
    • – Dealing with diversity in your own teaching
    • – Diversity and digital teaching and learning
    • – Protection against sexism in teaching
    • Please feel free to send us an email.

We are open to advise you on specific offers or look together at how you can make your event even more diversity-friendly. Please contact us with your questions.

The Gender_Queer-Network of the TU Darmstadt is organized in a moodle course and is looking forward to interested members. Have a look in moodle under the course: Semesterübergreifende Kurse / Zentrale Übergreifende Kurse/ Gender_Queer_Netzwerk / or just enter the name in the course search.

  • In the Infoportal of the HDA, you will find many exciting articles on the topic of diversity in teaching in the collection of topics. The articels are written in german.
  • A very specific discussion on the topic of “Sexism in Teaching” with several articles and integrated video examples can be found directly in the Infoportal, also in german language.
  • In case of need for support in case of experiences of discrimination, psychological overload or challenging situations, you will find many contact points at the TU Darmstadt that will stand by your side and help you.