Diversity permeates all aspects of studying and teaching, so it is also an important topic that affects all subject areas, departments, central institutions and administration. However, there may be subject-specific needs in this area. We would also like to take these characteristic needs into account and offer individual services for different areas. Take a look around and get in touch with us.

Heribert Warzecha,
Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity

It is one of the principles of our university that the individuality as well as the potential of diverse experiences of our members are appreciated and respected. In order to further expand equal opportunities and to be able to guarantee protection against discrimination, the university must take a critical look at itself in order to make the best possible study and working conditions possible for all TU members.

Das Bild zeigt eine wehende Regenbogenflagge vor dem TU Gebäude Karo 5. Die Fahne spiegelt sich in den Fenstern, darüber ist der blaue Himmel.
Picture: Patrick Bal

Services & Support

We are happy to offer topic-specific workshops for your unit. What questions are you concerned with and what topics would you like to work on in your unit. Workshops that have already been successfully held include:

  • Designing gender- and diversity-conscious teaching
  • Protection against sexualized assault
  • Dealing with sexism in teaching
  • Discrimination in digital teaching

We would be happy to advise you on specific offerings for the entire department or for individual working groups at the department. Topics for consultation could be:

  • Designing diversity-conscious processes in teaching and learning
  • Reflecting on the curricular anchoring of diversity-appropriate teaching Course organization and much more.

  • In the Infoportal of the HDA, you will find many exciting articles on the topic of diversity in teaching in the collection of topics. The articels are written in german.
  • A very specific discussion on the topic of “Sexism in Teaching” with several articles and integrated video examples can be found directly in the Infoportal, also in german language.
  • In case of need for support in case of experiences of discrimination, psychological overload or challenging situations, you will find many contact points at the TU Darmstadt that will stand by your side and help you.

Support and Information at the TU Darmstadt