Good teaching takes into account the heterogeneity of its target group and tries to promote the potential of all through the best possible organization. On this page you will find helpful tips on how this can be achieved and how to critically reflect on your own teaching.

Gender- and diversity-responsive teaching is oriented towards the individual prerequisites of the students. It enables the formation of creative and critical personalities and the development of individual potentials. The approach of gender- and diversity-responsive teaching corresponds to the TU Darmstadt's commitment to more equal opportunities in education and against discrimination based on personal characteristics.

Good teaching is always also gender- and diversity-appropriate teaching. Gender- and diversity-responsive teaching enables improved learning for all students. Both teachers and students benefit from an improvement in the lecture atmosphere.

Equitable teaching in the higher education context includes the ability to accommodate diversity among students and their different experiences and needs and to deal with it constructively. The goal should be to provide the best possible study conditions for all students in a non-discriminatory, open and appreciative environment. This requires, among other things, suitable instruments and methods for the design of diversity-friendly teaching.

Helpful tips and information for your own practice can be found on this page:

Services and Support

Topic-specific workshops can be found in the HDA continuing education program.

On 12.09.2022 the workshop “Lehre und Be_hinderung – Impulse für eine barrierearme Gestaltung” will take place. This workshop will be in german language. Workshops with other topics in English can be found in the programm from HDA Qualification and also in the unite! program.

  • We will be happy to advise you on your individual seminar concepts and together we will see how you can make your event even more diversity-friendly.

  • You are also welcome to contact us with specific cases on which you would like advice.

  • Questions could be for example:

– How can I reflect on my own actions in teaching?

– How can I make my teaching content more diversity-conscious?

– Are the methods used unproblematic for all students?

  • In the Infoportal of the HDA, you will find many exciting articles on the topic of diversity in teaching in the collection of topics. The articels are written in german.
  • A very specific discussion on the topic of “Sexism in Teaching” with several articles and integrated video examples can be found directly in the Infoportal, also in german language.
  • In case of need for support in case of experiences of discrimination, psychological overload or challenging situations, you will find many contact points at the TU Darmstadt that will stand by your side and help you.

Services and Support of the HDA for lecturers