Supporting Interdisciplinary Teams as a Team Tutor

Do you enjoy supporting other students in successful projects? Would you like to develop your interdisciplinary skills while still at university? If it sounds good then qualify with us to become a team tutor and support interdisciplinary student projects at TU Darmstadt!

The qualification for team tutor is independent of modules and is available for all students that have an interest in participating as a team tutor.

• Your activities as a team tutor will be compensated – Combine your Hiwi job with the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills which will be helpful during and after your studies.

• Your experience as a team tutor will be certified, allowing you to add it to your Curriculum Vitae.

• During your participation, your development will be guided on an individual basis. Additionally, the tutor community offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with your peers.

Students that study engineering, natural science, social science and humanities take part in the study project from their first semester. Topics are intended to be socially relevant, such as a concept for a refugee camp, a “vaccine mosquito” or a satellite that collects space debris. The task at hand can only be achieved by distributing tasks to team members that are more suited and working as a team. The group will be supported by team tutors for group work processes as well as by subject tutors for more specialized matters.

How is the qualification structured?

Over the seven day qualification, you will learn how to promote team development and goal oriented work processes.

This is achieved by reflection on topics that achieve good teamwork, such as:

  • How can I guide a goal oriented discussion, how can I ensure that all group members contribute equally?
  • How can criticism be constructive and how to accept it.
  • How can the group work systematically on a problem?
  • Which work methods are there and on what criteria should I base my selection on?

Based on this, additional topics are available to work on, which are important to your role as a tutor:

  • How can I support team development?
  • How can I analyse the team dynamics and provide constructive feedback to the group?
  • How to deal with intra group conflict? How can I support the team so that they can resolve the issue amongst themselves?
  • How do I make the group more accepting of differing viewpoints?

The qualification for team tutors happens in 2024 on the following 7 days, each between 09.00 a.m – 3.00 p.m.

Please plan for the following days:

  • Day 1: 4/19/24 (Fri)
  • Day 2: 4/20 (Sat)
  • Day 3: 4/26 (Fri)
  • Day 4: 4/27 (Sat)
  • Day 5: 5/3 (Fri)
  • Day 6: 5/17 (Fri)
  • Day 7: 5/24 (Fri)
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Registration for the information event

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