Practical-Oriented Workshops

Practically Oriented Short Workshops for Direct Application

We focus on semester relevant content during our practical-oriented workshops. Therefore, there are semester specific offers which are tailored to the needs of our tutors. The duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours.

From overhead to mentimeter: Design your tutorial with multimedia

on 21.05.2024 from 09:50-11:20

Make your tutorial interesting and varied with different media! Our practical module “From overhead to mentimeter: Design your tutorial with multimedia” offers you the opportunity to find out how you can use analog and digital media in a varied way and tailor them to your learning objectives. Learn how to utilize the opportunities of multimedia in your tutorial while overcoming the challenges. Discover a variety of multimedia tools and learn how to use them effectively to present your learning content in a lively and engaging way. Evaluate exemplary multimedia tools together with other tutors and develop an understanding of their use in terms of content, didactic and methodological criteria. Be ready to strengthen the interactive character of your tutorial!

Further workshop offers in the workspace

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Trainings in key competencies

As a student, you can participate in our training courses in key competencies. In the workshops, you will learn about topics such as digital skills, successful presentations, moderation, professional slide design, conflict management, etc. The workshops are led by student trainers. The workshops are led by student trainers.

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