Templates and Downloads

On this page, you will find documents and downloads, which will support you with the Higher Education Certificate.

Documents for the teaching portfolio

Teaching Portfolio "Basic competencies”

Teaching portfolio “Professional Competence Level”

Documents for the teaching observation

Procedure for peer teaching observation (opens in new tab)

Documents for lecturers of the peer teaching observation

Documents for observers of the peer teaching observation

Information and templates for the (“old”) 3-level Higher Education Certificate:

In the winter semester 2021/22, the structure of the Higher Education Certificates has slightly changed. However, the individual elements remain the same. The changes mainly affect the former Module 2. The contents of that module can now be found partly in the new Higher Education Certificate “Basic Competences” and partly in the Higher Education Certificate “Professional Competence Level”.

Lecturers who have started the certificate before the winter semester 2021/22 are welcome to complete the certificate in the old structure. The documents for the certificate can largely continue to be used (see documents above); in the following, we have additionally provided the documents and information that are necessary for the certificate in its old structure:

Overview Certificate 3-level module structure (opens in new tab)

Template Teaching Portfolio and Quick Reference Guide (Module 1-3)