Basic Competencies

In the Higher Education Teaching Certificate – Basic Competences – the workshop "Effective Teahing – Fundamentals" will teach you, for example, how to plan teaching events sensibly, how to motivate students and how to deal with difficult situations.

Another important goal in the certificate is the exchange between colleagues and the reflection on your teaching. Together with another colleague, you will therefore visit one another in one of your teaching events and will give each other feedback (peer teaching observation (opens in new tab) ). The peer group consultation will provide you with the opportunity to discuss current concerns in your teaching. On two dates (3 hours each), you will then meet in a group of up to 8 people and discuss yours and others concerns in accordance with the methods of the collegial consultation.

In order to be able to deal with individual topics in greater depth, you can take courses from our workshop programme . You must take 16 work units – which correspond to two full workshop days – from the compulsory areas of the higher education didactics (advising/supervising or examining/assessing). For Workshops corresponding to an additional 16 work units, you can freely select any topics.

Accompanying the above-mentioned elements, you will reflect on your development using a teaching portfolio, which will be submitted in order to complete the Basic Competencies certificate.

Detailed information on the supervision in the certificate, the procedure of the peer group consultations as well as the peer teaching observation (opens in new tab) will be given in the fundamentals workshop. You are also welcome to make an appointment with , coordinator of the Higher Education Teaching Certificates.