Higher Education Teaching Certificates

Lecturers at the TU Darmstadt have the opportunity to further develop their teaching skills with the help of a structured, extra-occupational development programme. These take place in various forms of events (workshops, collegial consultations, teaching observations) and in the exchange of experiences with colleagues.


We offer two certificates:

For starters, you will have the opportunity to work on important Basic Competences for university teaching. We recommend this certificate to all lecturers who want to learn about good teaching in general. If you are a lecturer on a permanent basis or are simply interested in a more in-depth understanding of the contents of higher education didactics, we will suggest you follow up by completing the Higher Education Teaching Certificate Professional Competence Level .

The recognition of already completed courses in the higher education didactics is possible after submitting the certificates of participation, which will be examined by the HDA.

All participants, who started in the former structure of the certificate can choose to finish it within the former structure (Module 1-3) or change to the new structure (Basic Competencies / Professional Competence Level).

You enter the Higher Education Teaching Certificate programme by registering online for the workshop “Effective Teaching – Fundamentals. Enhancing and guiding students’ learning”. You will receive more information about the certificate during the workshop. If you are interested in other workshops, it is also possible to attend workshops from our program without having attended the “Effective Teaching – Fundamentals” workshop yet.

If you have questions about the Higher Education Teaching certificate, please contact the programm coordinator Stefan Scheiner.

06151/ 16 76 669