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Overview of student surveys

Thank you for the time and contribution you make by participating in our surveys! For which surveys do we regularly ask for your participation? Here you will find everything at a glance!

Right in the middle – The course evaluation

The lecture is well structured, but the pace a bit too fast? The seminar is really good fun, but there is always too little time for discussion?

The course evaluation gives you the opportunity to give your personal feedback to the teachers.

Objective: Systematic feedback for teachers for quality assurance and further development of the course.

Who? All students of the evaluated course

When and how? Anonymously and voluntarily. Depending on the department and field of study, every semester or every third semester.

For more information, visit the course evaluation pages

All about studying – The TU Student Survey

How do you rate the support at the department? Are you getting on well in your studies, but would you like to see more English-language courses? Are you familiar with the study rooms?

The TU Student Survey wants to know your opinion about the degree programme.

Objective: Further development of study programmes and improvement of general study conditions. The questionnaire is TU-specific and contains department-specific questions.

Who? All enrolled TU students (Bachelor, Master and teaching profession)

When and how? The survey is conducted online, anonymously and voluntarily every two years in the summer semester. Cover letters are sent via email with a link and personal TAN.

You can find more information on the TU Student Survey pages

Review and Outlook – The Graduate Survey

You have successfully completed your studies? When you look back: How did you like your degree programme? How was your transition to further studies or professional life?

The TU Darmstadt Graduate Survey provides a reliable picture of the academic success and career prospects of our students and PhD students.

Objective: Quality assurance of studies and doctorates through retrospective assessment of study and doctoral conditions, findings on the professional situation and professional satisfaction.

Who? All alumni of a graduation year (Bachelor's, Master's, teaching degree and doctorate) whose graduation was one to two years ago during the survey period.

When and how? The survey is online, anonymous and voluntary. It takes place every winter semester from October to February.

You can find more information on the pages of the Graduate Survey

The CHE University Ranking - Orientation for the Next Generation of Students

Where can I study my desired degree programme? Which university offers the best study conditions for my degree programme? These and other questions occupy many students before they decide on a course of study and where to study.

The nationwide CHE University Ranking provides assistance. It examines a number of subject-related aspects at the universities.

Link to the CHE Ranking website (opens in new tab)