Results of the Graduate Survey

Analyses and reports

The data of the Graduate Survey is regularly analysed and made available to the various users. On this page you will find university-wide reports, as well as information on analyses at degree programme level and on specific analyses.

Key results

Key results of the survey of the Master graduates in the winter semester 2022/23 can be found here

University-wide reports

Looking back, how satisfied are TU Darmstadt alumni with their studies? How many Bachelor graduates remain at the TU to study for a Master's degree? How do Master graduates enter professional life? These and other questions are examined in the university-wide Bachelor and Master reports.

Anonymisation of survey data

Survey data that could lead to the de-anonymisation of individuals will be removed before the survey results are published or passed on.

If you as a graduate or student have experienced that the culture of respect and fairness at TU Darmstadt has been violated, please contact the respective offices for confidential support.

Analyses at degree programme level and specific analyses

For analyses at degree programme level, the data sets of two graduation years are combined, processed in report form and made available to the deans of studies and the study coordinators. If you are interested in these results, please contact the respective deans of studies

In addition to the regular reports, analyses on specific groups (e.g. international graduates) and questions (e.g. employment situation) are prepared for each graduation year. If you are interested in a specific analysis, please contact the

Inter-university publications

Inter-university publications based on the data of the Graduate Study Cooperation Project (KOAB) can be found here