Invitation to the E-Learning Roundtable on 18 April (3 – 4:30 pm)

Topic: Digital Simulation Games – Simulation Games Digital! Exchange on Boundaries and Opportunities in Teaching

2024/04/18 15:00-16:30

We would like to warmly invite everyone who is interested to our next E-Learning roundtable! We are looking forward to the exchange on Boundaries and Opportunities in Teaching.

Simulation games offer a wide range of possibilities for various subjects to teach complex learning content in a hands-on way. They can be conducted in analog, hybrid, or digital formats. Increasingly, digital elements are found in all phases of the simulation game: from Moodle learning packages in the preparation phase to digital platforms for supporting the (analog) play phase, as well as digital tools in the reflection phase.

At the Roundtable, Dr. Maria Theresa Meßner (TU Darmstadt) and Christian Buschmann (GU Frankfurt) share practical examples of integrating digital elements in the use of simulation games in teaching. After an introduction to the simulation game method, examples of digitally supported forms follow, along with a discussion on the limits and possibilities.

Registration & Language

The E-Learning roundtable will take place as an online live format in the web conference system Zoom. Please use registration form to receive the access data for the Zoom meeting.

This event will be held in German.