AI Literacy

The project AI Literacy in Studying and Teaching has been launched in January 2024 by four institutions at TU Darmstadt and supports the exploration of artificial intelligence by offering courses for teachers and students.

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The AI Literacy project encourages exchange and inspiration on the topic of artificial intelligence for teachers and students. Both target groups can strengthen their AI skills in workshops, events, and personal consultations.

Offers for university teachers

Various offers for teachers provide practical tips and critical-reflective exchange on the use of artificial intelligence in teaching.

Workshops on AI in teaching
AI Camp: Registration & Call for Participation
Interest groups for university teachers

Offers for students

Various offers enable students to proactively deepen their knowledge of artificial intelligence during their studies.

Writing with AI support
Workshops on AI writing tools
Student interest groups

Offers for departments & committees

When it comes to questions about artificial intelligence, departments and committees can rely on customized advice.

AI issues in examinations and data protection
Didactic questions
Assessment of AI Tools

Participating Institutions

The content of the AI Literacy in Studies and Teaching project is designed by:

HDA – Center for Educational Development and Technology

SchreibCenter TU Darmstadt

Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab – Department of Computer Science

Data protection office of TU Darmstadt

The project is coordinated by the Center for Educational Development and Technology.