TiSK: Tell A Story: Skillfully presenting specialist knowledge

A Training in Key Skills: Presence Training

2024/05/27 13:30-15:10

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Have you ever noticed how some people present complex topics with ease and captivate their audience? Would you like to learn how to develop this skill and speak confidently in front of others? Then our training: Tell A Story: Skillfully presenting specialist knowledge is just right for you!

What to expect:

  • Learn how to structure your expertise clearly and convey it in an understandable way.
  • Improve your presentation skills with tips you can apply immediately.
  • Discover strategies on how to prepare effectively for presentations to appear convincing and competent.

Why you should attend:

Our training offers you the chance to take your presentation skills to a new level. Whether you are about to graduate or still in the early stages of your studies, the ability to present your expertise in a convincing manner will always help you to advance.

Target audience:

Students of all majors and from every semester.

Please bring:

A digital device and motivation

Information: This training takes place in German and in presence.

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