Key Skills in University and Teaching

In order to anchor the topic area of key skills in your teaching and event context, you will find various offers to support you in this. You will be advised and supported in the implementation of the focus topics tutorial teaching as well as interdisciplinary and international study projects.

Tutor and mentor qualification

Do you have event formats that are being co-designed by tutors, such as exercises, practicals and orientation sessions?

If you would like to ensure the quality of these tutorials and prepare the tutors didactically for their assignment, then you can take advantage of the HDA's tutor qualification offer! Different forms of tutorial teaching are considered, such as tutors .

We have various offers for you here, which we would be happy to customize for your needs. Just contact us.

Studierende sitzen am Tisch und arbeiten zusammen
Picture: Alena Darmel

Study projects

Are you interested in offering study projects as an interdisciplinary format or are you already implementing them? We are happy to support you from conception to implementation through didactic consulting. As a profile feature of the TU Darmstadt, there is also the possibility to have interdisciplinary projects financially supported.

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