Lost your TAN?

In order to participate in the Student Survey, you need a TAN. What do you do if you no longer have this TAN?

Your TAN was sent to your stud email address. This TAN was randomly assigned to you by our software and is your access to the TU Student Survey. Of course, no TAN is linked to the later survey results.

If you no longer have this TAN available, you can have a new TAN sent to you by clicking on the button “Generate new TAN”. With that you have the possibility to once generate your new TAN. After entering your TU-ID, you can display your new TAN or have it sent to your email address.

Before you do this, however, we would like to ask you:

  • Check your stud email address again. We sent you your TAN on 18th April. Perhaps the email ended up in the SPAM/junk folder.
  • If you forward your stud email address to another address: check whether this mailbox is still up to date or perhaps full.
  • Maybe you deleted the mail by mistake: check your bin.