Evaluate appreciatively – initiate exchange

Surveys have a great benefit for the quality assurance of study programs and offers, if status quo and needs for change can be discussed together and in an appreciative manner.

Our surveys and their context

The course evaluation provides teachers with feedback on their teaching. The TU Student Survey aims to improve the study conditions and the general conditions for successful studies through the feedback of the students. The Graduate Survey provides a retrospective assessment of the studies and information about the further career of former students.

All surveys are an important component for the quality development of studies and teaching. However, they can only do this if all those involved are in a good and valuable exchange with each other.

Processing of results and dissemination

The handling of evaluation results should always be transparent. The results from our central surveys are – depending on the survey – passed on to different departments of the university.

The data from the TU Student and Graduate Survey are prepared by the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA) in reports for the departments and fields of study areas. In addition, university-wide reports are prepared for each of the two surveys and are made available on these websites.

In addition to the result reports, the departments and fields of study in the TU Student Survey also receive table volumes in which all results are made available. Likewise, all data of the core questionnaire of the TU student survey are available in a table volume to all members of the TU Darmstadt (TU-ID required).

All results of the TU Student Survey also go to the members of the steering committee.

The course evaluation works with personal data, therefore a publication of results is not compatible with data protection. The results of this survey are given to the lecturer and the Dean of Studies at the department.

Specific analyses

The data from the student and graduate survey is also available for questions from other TU Darmstadt institutions.

Do you have a special question for your department or central unit? If required, specific analyses can be prepared for both surveys.


  • For questions about specific analyses of the TU Student Survey:
  • For questions about specific analyses of the Alumni Survey:

Exchange and dialogue in course evaluation

A key element of course evaluation is the instructor's dialogue with students about the results and their feedback.

A guide on how to design such feedback can be found here: Feedback the results from the course evaluation to the students