For the departments, central services and the university administration (zV) at the TU Darmstadt, we offer customised events on educational development on request. These will be tailored to their respective (subject-specific) requirements.

A selection of possible formats:

  • Workshops for teaching staff on subject-specific topics (0.5 – 2 days). These workshops can also be credited towards the Higher Education Certificate.
  • Two-to four-hour workshops for Professors regarding current topics and issues on higher education teaching.
  • The moderation of department meetings which serve the coordination of teaching material or the development of courses. The workshop moderators or advisors are either experienced HDA staff or external guest lecturers with the relevant specialist background for the respective departments.

Should you be interested in a customised event for your department/institute or in a general consultation, please contact:

Dr. Annette Glathe
Head of Unit “University Teaching and Learning Development”
06151 – 16 76668