Supervising Bachelor and Master Theses
Writing their final thesis often feels like an unsurmountable, monolithic task for many students. However, it actually is rather a combination of a multitude of diverse tasks and challenges. The supervisor should ideally support students in identifying these and should adapt their assistance to different phases of writing and individual students’ needs.
Finding a balance between demanding independent work and support often turns into a challenge for the supervisors. In this workshop, we will reflect on our role as supervisors, different strategies for support, and constructive feedback. We will also work on your experiences, possible solutions and touch upon grading criteria.

Learning outcomes: The participants will
  • be aware of their duties and responsibilities in supervision.
  • be able to find out about students’ abilities.
  • have ideas of how to adequately support students in the writing process.
  • train to adapt communication when supervision gets difficult.

  • Topic definition
  • Strategies for motivating and supporting students
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Making evaluation criteria transparent

Target group: All teaching staff
Max. participants: 14
Trainer: Dr. Ira Gawlitzek, (University of Mannheim)
Dates: Thu, June 13th 2024, 9 am–5 pm
Thu, Julne 14th 2024, 9 am–5 pm
Room: Darmstadt (Hochschulstraße 1)
Recognition: 16 AE
Subject area: Advising & Supporting (Elective Subject Area)