FAQ on the TU Student Survey

Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about the survey process, data protection and the use of the survey data.

Analyses and publication of all survey data is carried out exclusively in aggregated form and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons.

General information on data protection and on the principles and standards of all surveys at the Evaluation Unit can be found on the info page of the Evaluation Unit .

FAQ on participation

The next survey will take place in the summer semester of 2025.

The survey is conducted every two years in the summer semester.

All students enrolled at the TU Darmstadt who are eligible to take exams in the Bachelor's, Master's and Teaching degree programmes are invited to participate in the survey by email. The TU Darmstadt's Stud e-mail addresses will be used for this purpose.

As a rule, students who are on leave of absence are also eligible to take examinations.

Exchange students are not invited to participate in the survey.

Express your opinion

Are you satisfied with your current study conditions, or would you like to change something? Then take the opportunity to give feedback on your study situation and on the development potential of the degree programmes and the service facilities.

Active participation in quality assurance:

The larger the participation, the more representative the results. Every voice counts. Only if enough students express their opinion analyses can be made for the departments and degree programmes.


The results are used at the TU Darmstadt to further develop studying and teaching and the study conditions.

If you have received an invitation, click on the link and enter the individual TAN mentioned in the e-mail. This is only valid once. However, you can cache the questionnaire if necessary and continue later.

All TU students will receive the invitation email via their student mail address. If you have set up a forwarding, the delivery will be made via the entered e-mail address.

You also have the option – for the duration of the survey – to request a new TAN. This is only possible by entering a valid TU ID.

If you have any problems, please contact:

To receive a new TAN, you can generate a new TAN yourself once. To do so, please visit the following page: TAN generator . Please note that you need a TU ID.

You can use a button at the bottom of the online survey to save the survey at any time and continue answering the questions later.

FAQ on data protection

The implementation of the TU student survey is accompanied by the official data protection officer of the TU Darmstadt as a permanent steering committee member.

To participate in the survey, you will receive a randomly assigned TAN. This cannot be assigned to any person at any time. Survey results are therefore only available in anonymised form.

Names mentioned by students in will be removed.

Analyses are never carried out based on individual data sets, but exclusively at the level of aggregated data. Only a look at the answers of many students gives an overall picture that is independent of individual opinions.

If the number of cases is too small and allows conclusions to be drawn about individuals (age, gender, degree programme) the survey results will not be analysed. E.g., this could be the case with small degree programmes.

The email addresses are only accessible to the HDA employees involved in the project for the purpose of inviting them to the survey and will be deleted after the survey has been completed in accordance with data protection regulations.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. If you do not wish to participate in the survey, you will not suffer any disadvantages.

It is not possible to draw conclusions about which students participated in the survey.

Raw data is generally not passed on. Central institutions of the TU Darmstadt, departments and study areas can request special analyses from the HDA if required (e.g. on specific groups or issues.

FAQ on the use of the survey data

- Departments (including deans of studies, study coordinators, managing directors)

- University management (e.g. Vice-President for Studies and Teaching and Diversity)

- Department I – Division IB Quality Management and Committees

- Department II – Division IID Study Programmes and Quality Assurance

- Committee members and student representatives

University-wide results:
The university-wide results are available to the university public for download in the results area .

You can also download further documents on the survey, such as methodological reports and the questionnaires .

Evaluations at degree programme level:
Detailed analyses at degree programme level are available to the deans of the respective subject and degree programmes.
If you are interested in the detailed results at degree programme level, please contact the dean of studies of your subject or field of study: Deans of Studies of the TU Darmstadt

Special analyses:
In addition to the regular reports for the departments and study areas, further analyses on special groups (e.g. international students) and special questions (e.g. Hessian Parliament) are prepared on request of the departments and for central institutions of the TU Darmstadt.

All information serves the quality development of studying and teaching at the TU Darmstadt.

At the same time, they are an important source of information for prospective and current students. For this reason, the results are prepared and published in an overall report after each survey.