Coordination of surveys

You would like to interview students or graduates of the TU Darmstadt? Then please contact the Coordination Office with your request. The Coordination Office keeps track of relevant surveys at the TU Darmstadt and, among other things, aims to avoid possible overlaps between several surveys.

Objectives of the coordination

  • Focusing on surveys relevant to university strategy and topics
  • Avoidance of overlapping surveys in terms of time and content
  • Weighing up the different interests involved in data collection
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations

How does the coordination work?

Please send us a short email with the survey request or call us. We will then send you a form that collects a range of information about the planned survey. We need this information in order to decide whether the TU Darmstadt will participate in the survey on the basis of the review criteria listed below.


  • What is the need for the results?
  • Is there a public interest or is there a university's own interest in the results of the survey?
  • Is the survey relevant for internal quality assurance?
  • Is the survey clearly related to research or teaching?
  • Are the data protection regulations of the federal government and the state observed?
  • Survey period: The time interval to the last survey should be at least 8 weeks.