In the context of various projects on the topic of e-learning, we are repeatedly active in cooperations – both within the TU and across universities – in order to exchange experiences and jointly advance developments. Often, this also results in helpful networks.

Our Networks

Buntstifte liegen in einem Kreis
(Quelle: "Buntstifte" von Tim Reckmann, CC BY 2.0,
Picture: "Buntstifte", Tim Reckmann, CC BY 2.0,

Cooperations & Projects

Get an overview on the central E-Learning website of the TU on which projects and cooperations the E-Learning group is currently working.

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The Central E-Learning Website of the TU

is operated by the E-Learning group – a team of staff from our unit “Digital Teaching and Learning” in the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA) and the University Computing Centre (HRZ).

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