In principle, our offerings are targeted directly toward academic staff. The main part is the tools for implementing digital teaching, including consultation and support. This also includes detailed information regarding technical and didactic considerations when using digital tools.

Introduction to our offers for academic staff

We focus on the entire TU

Of course, employees from the departments and other administrations of the TU can access our services. The Departmental Office and other organizational unites are also welcome to contact us if they need help to find solutions for digital teaching and learning at the institute, faculty, or department.

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Take a Look at Our "Tools" Section

… on the central E-Learning website at the TU. Starting with the individual tools and systems, you will also find all the necessary information and our associated support and consulting services.

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The Central E-Learning Website of the TU

is operated by the E-Learning group – a team of staff from our E-Learning department in the Centre for Educational Development and Technology (HDA) and the University Computing Centre (HRZ).

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