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On Moodle we offer you information, documents and photo protocols for follow-up and consolidation of training contents. As a tutor you will find in the Moodle course 'HDA Tutor Qualification’ current offers and dates for the qualifications and practical support as well as a deepening of various topics of tutorial teaching.

Moodle for Training in Key Competencies (TiSk).

Here you will find: – current dates, – photo logs, and – in-depth materials related to the training you attended.

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If you have any questions about the TiSK Moodle course, please contact .

Moodle course HDA tutor qualification and mentoring.

Here you will find: - current dates, – in-depth materials for tutors and mentors, and - further offers for tutorial teaching.

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Studierende am Laptop
Picture: Jan-Christoph Hartung

Moodle: Study Skills - HDA

The following categories are included in the Moodle course: - (Digital) Learning - Time and self management - Teamwork and learning in groups - project management - Communication and presentation

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If you have any questions about the Study Skills Moodle course, please contact .